Welcome to Global Swing DJs

"Swing" is America's dance and exported all around the world since the 1940s. Because it is a truly Global dance, we, in April 2009, formulated an association comprised of experienced Swing Deejays from around the world. We are the “Global Swing DJs”.

Our mission: To promote fraternity among its member DJs, to share Swing music trends with our ever expanding Swing dance community, to provide our member deejays with an International forum to encourage robust discussion about the Swing music we play, to share knowledge about deejay equipment, to comment about Swing music industry developments and to provide a platform for future DJs to advance their knowledge for/in the art of DJing for the Swing community.

Each month GSDJs will post their top 10 songs, which we recommend for play at any Swing Dance venue.

As a group we arrange, several times a year, informal gatherings at Swing events, around the world, to share and discuss music trends, ideas and get more acquainted with each other.

If you feel you are an experienced Swing DJ, at least 3 years required, and are interested in joining our group, we ask that you contact one of our members, see members page on our website, for sponsorship to GlobalSwingDJs. Also please submit a brief bio of your deejaying experiences when applying, and send to:msl8nite@sbcglobal.net.

* We do not share any commercially available tracks or albums through our discussion forum and we do not condone copyright infringement.

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